Welcome to Noor-Arfa

Noor Arfa is a well-known Batik company that has been in operation for over 37 years in Malaysia. It is a pioneer of the much acclaimed batik industry in Malaysia where it started it’s operations in Kuala Terengganu in 1980. Noor Arfa’s success is based on the exciting and dynamic philosophy of its founders, Wan Mohd Ariffin Wan Long and his wife, Noor Hijerah Hanafiah. The venture, known as Noor Arfa, is an acronym derived from the combination of the names of this ambitious and enterprising couple.

Today, their combined strategic efforts, coupled with sheer determination to continuously strive for excellence, have made Noor Arfa not just a household name in Malaysia, but also has become synonymous with true entrepreneurship by holding its own name, not just in this country but globally as well.

After overcoming all of the hardships and bitterness, their business systems, product focus, service excellence and marketing initiatives was now in place. Noor Arfa is ready to seek the challenges of new businesses frontiers and opportunities, regionally and internationally. It was soon destined to grow by leaps and bounds to its multi-million dollar corporation as  it is today.